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Turkey Toast

Prep Time:

2 minutes

Cook Time:

2 minutes



Turkey Shaped Peanut Butter Toast


1 slice whole wheat bread

1 teaspoon peanut butter

1 red apple

1 green apple

1 yellow apple

2 raisins


  1. Toast bread.

  2. Cut bread into a circle with the top of a cup

  3. Cut a head and neck out of the scraps

  4. Spread peanut butter on the turkey body (large circle piece of toast)

  5. Wash apples and cut into thin slices

  6. Arrange toast and apple slices to look like a turkey

  7. Add raisins for eyes and cut a triangle of bread crust or apple for a beak and gobble.

Apples can be choking hazards for children 2 years and younger.  Please only serve this if your child is good at chewing and can eat apples without choking.

If your child has a hard time chewing apples, you could use canned peaches and pears instead of the apple slices.

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